One thing that makes me stand out is the quality of “not being bored”. Even when I’m alone, I always keep doing something or the other. Learning and trying new things captivates me. So just like any other new hobby I’ve tried and pursued, this is my stint at blogging.

When I thought of starting this blog, just like any other newbie my first take was to use Medium as a “medium” to pursue my new hobby or just use simple wordpress ready-to-use templates and make up my site and publish blogs. But then it occured to me: why be a normie when you could be OG? I have learned enough computer science to make up my own website and I decided to use what I’ve learnt. Atleast, I’ll be writing by myself for a platform that is owned and created by me!

So, that’s how this expedition began.

This blog will not have an audience-targeted niche. I’ll write about various topics, most which will revolve around technology, politics, travel (as I’ve travelled a fair amount), rubik’s cube, biking and well thing’s which spike an interest in me. The unique thing about this blog would be the length of the posts I publish. No post would cross the “7 min read” mark. Well, one thing’s for sure: You’ll not get bored reading the posts that are shared on this blog.