The concept of stories was first introduced by Snapchat and quickly every social media platform followed suit.

Twitter is here with it’s own version of stories, “Fleets”. Fleets was launched on 9 June 2020 in India. This feature is basically for those people who are “uncomfortable with public tweets”.

Fleets is very similar to Instagram stories. It is a self - disappearing tweet that will vanish in 24 hours and will have no retweets, likes or public comments. The feature was launched with the aim of having “conversations in new ways with less pressure and more control”. India is among the first markets after Brazil and Italy to have this new feature.

The name “Fleet” has been given with the idea to start a new coversation from our fleeting thoughts. Similar to tweets, Fleets are text-first, but you can add photos and videos. If you want to reply to a Fleet, the further conversation will take place in your DMs. If you have open DMs, anybody can react to your Fleets. If you have protected tweets, only your followers will be able to do so.

Fleets will appear on the screen just like Instagram stories. Your followers can see your Fleets at the top of their timeline or by clicking on your profile photo.


The results of launching Fleets in Brazil and Italy have been very positive. People have been able to share their thoughts more freely. People who don’t usually tweet have started more conversations and sending both Fleets and tweets. When people send a Fleet, they often share a number of thoughts rapidly.

Twitter is very happy and excited to launch Fleets in India.

India is important for Twitter since it is one of our largest and fastest-growing audience markets globally,” Manish Maheshwari, the Managing Director of Twitter India, said this in a statement.

We are excited to bring the Fleets experiment to India and make it one of the first three countries in the world to experience this new product. From the test in India, we’ll learn how adding a new mode of conversation changes the way Indians engage on Twitter. It’ll also be interesting to see if it further amplifies the diversity of usage by allowing people to share what they’re thinking in a way that is light-touch and light-hearted.

The update will be available for everyone in India on Twitter for iOS and Android in the updated app versions.

Twitter has been the last social media platform to adapt this format of conversation which has been common for quite a while now. India is just the third country after Brazil and Italy to experience this update. It is still not clear when Twitter will be launching this feature worldwide.