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 Hey y'all! I'm Rohan D. Kadam, an open-minded ambivert.

 I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India.

 I love reading books. Reading makes my mind wander and wonder. I'm an ardent fan of novels. I dive into the fictional world which simulates in my mind while reading the story. I guess I have a pretty good collection of the books I've read uptil now. You can check them out here. Make sure to add some of them in your future reading list.

 I have a weird choice of music and hence a weird playlist. I occasionally listen to rap songs. I prefer music which is not too hard to be pop, and has a gentle a touch of rock.

 If you want to have a worthy opponent in Chess, well, game on! You can challenge me to a game on chess.com.

 I have numerous hobbies other than reading. Sketching is one of them. You can check out my pen, pencil and digital sketches here or you could find them in my Instagram story highlights. I love solving puzzles and Rubik's Cube. My fastest time for Rubik's cube is 42 sec. I'm working on it and I might be able to bring it under 30 sec by the next month. I love riding my bike. And lastly, I've developed an interest in beatboxing which I think is pretty amazing.

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Happy reading!